Just like many of you, we have been working from home and watching each day unfold with this horrible virus. Unlike the battles fought in our country’s great history where our bravest men and women risked their lives on a foreign shore or desert, our bravest are now risking their own lives in our local cities and towns to take care of our friends and family members in this battle against COVID-19.

We created this site so that ALL OF US in the vacation rental industry could thank these brave nurses, doctors, and medical professionals for putting their lives on the line to care for those that contract the coronavirus.

When we beat this awful virus, these medical professionals are going to be VERY deserving of a vacation. We want to rally the vacation rental industry to donate free stays or free vouchers for stays for those battling on the front lines of today’s war with COVID-19.

To donate a stay, click: HERE

To nominate a medical professional on the front line, click: HERE